Ormsby given credit in Bali drug trial

A Sydney woman caught with marijuana in Bali may serve less than 15 months in jail after prosecutors gave her credit for admitting her guilt.


Leeza Tracey Ormsby, 37, is not contesting drugs possession charges that could have landed her behind bars for 12 years.

She has been in custody in Bali since February, when she was arrested at a police raid on a holiday villa.

In court on Wednesday, the prosecution submitted the former Paddington shop assistant should serve 15 months’ jail, giving her credit for her admission of drug use.

“We ask the honourable judges to state the defendant Leeza Tracey Ormsby has been proven officially and convincingly guilty of misusing drugs for herself,” prosecutor Ni Luh Putu Oka Ariani said.

The New Zealander’s lawyer Ari Soenardi says the prosecution’s request to treat Ormsby as a drug user was in line with the facts of the case.

“But we ask the honourable judges to be wise in assessing this case by giving her the most lenient punishment,” he said.

At her trial last week, Ormsby apologised to the judges, saying she knew the law in Indonesia but broke it anyway, and would learn from the experience.

She told the court she only stumbled on the drug bust on February 12 when she went to collect her swimsuit and laptop from the villa where friends were staying.

Ormsby admits a half-smoked joint in her handbag was hers, but denies any link with MDMA and hashish that was found in the villa.

A psychiatrist told the court last week Ormsby had a history of depression and drug abuse, and was a person who had “never felt happy”.

She has been calm throughout the trial, but did become emotional during her apology last week.

Ormsby will remain in Kerobokan jail ahead of her sentencing next week.